Book Club Questions

1. What were your first impressions of Marta? Did you like her as a character? Did your impressions of her change throughout the book?

2. What did you think was the significance of the setting of the novel? Why do you think it is specifically unnamed?

3. Hector is an ambiguous character throughout the book. Did your views of him change as the book progressed?

4. Marta can be considered an unreliable narrator. Were there moments in the book when you didn’t trust her? Why? (Read more about unreliable narrators)

5. A book Marta was given as a wedding gift left a lasting impression on her. Why do you think she played by the ‘rules’ according to the book? (Read more about marriage in the novel)

6. Do you think Marta’s interpretations of events were correct? Can you see things from Hector’s side? Who did you believe?

7. The ending of the novel is ambiguous. Did you think this was the right ending for Marta?

8. The novel examines three generations of women from the same family. Do you think it raises larger questions about what it is to be a woman and to fulfil certain roles? (Read more about marriage and feminism in the novel)

9.  Do you believe Marta is suffering from a mental illness?  (Read more about mental illness in the novel)


What do you think?

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