Buy From Your Local Independent Bookshop

Buy from your local indie

Please see the map below to locate your local independent bookshop. Indies offer so much more than bricks and mortar stores: they offer friendly book loving staff (who often pick their books by hand), author events, bookclub events and much, much more. We need to support these indies: I really appreciate you taking the time to pop in and buy my book from them!

#IndieBookCrawl 2013

When How To Be A Good Wife was first published in January, I wanted to make sure to encourage people to buy the book from independent book shops.  My editor, agent and I decided to embark on #IndieBookCrawl, attempting to visit as many independent book shops in one day as possible.  We made it to 26!  You can read all about it here, and view the pictures from the day here.

#IndieBookCrawl 2014

This summer, I’ve embarked on another epic quest, this time UK-wide – visiting 62 bookshops nationwide in the month of July. You can read more about it here or view the pictures here.


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