How They Met

Three versions of the same story…

“When I tried to think back to meeting Hector, there was nothing there, like trying to see past a thick curtain. I remembered the words he told me…”READ THE FIRST CHAPTER

There are three versions of the story of how Marta and Hector met: the one they have always told people, the one they know is really true, and the one Marta thinks she has just remembered. But which one is the true version of events?


Marta marriage

“Hector told me he found me on the doorstep, after my parents died. But I think we knew each other before that. I am starting to think we didn’t ever ‘meet’ at all…”



“I found Marta on the doorstep. Who knows how long she’d been out there or what she’d been taking? She wasn’t well at all: too thin, and mumbling all sorts of nonsense. I got her into the house and eventually got it out of her about her parents.”

This is only one example where Hector has told Marta something which she has accepted as the true story of their marriage. Until now. She’s stopped taking her pills, and things are starting to look a little different.

“And there it is again, that strange echoing fear, slipping through the cracks that have formed in the memory…”


Read more about Marta’s medication

Take a look at some photographs of the island and the house here

Which story do you believe? Take the poll and leave a comment to give your view…


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