Did Hector have an affair?

‘I think you were having an affair with her,’ I say. ‘And I think you’ve done it again. I think you’ve been doing it for years.’READ AN EXTRACT

Hector has always had a close relationship with his students. He helps them to fulfil their potential. Perhaps they provide some of the emotional support that Marta fails to provide.

But that doesn’t mean he was having an affair, does it? Just because Marta saw him embracing a student outside the school, and now he’s been suspended… that doesn’t mean anything.


Marta marriage“I don’t know what to believe. Hector tells me I’m being foolish, that I should trust him. But something about what he’s saying doesn’t add up.”


HECTOR“Marta doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  She’s always had a vivid imagination.  I would never be stupid enough to have an affair.”

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2 thoughts on “Infidelity

  1. I’m not sure whether Hector is having an affair, but I do think that he is a little too close to his students. Was it ever explained why he got suspended? Surely he must have had some explanation for Marta but I can’t remember.

  2. What is so thought provoking, the story can go either way. Hector goes from an over controlling mother to a “sick” wife. He can’t be blamed for getting over envolved in his students lives as a relief valve. Or, he is the sick one drugging his wife and cheating on her. Marta is so overwhelmed that she can’t prove herself. Everything in the writing leads to no conclusion.

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