Kylan’s Internet Search

Was Marta really a missing person?

‘I searched the name on the internet, and nothing relevant came up,’ Kylan said.READ AN EXTRACT

Her son, Kylan, tells her that he has searched the internet for her previous name, but did he really? If he had searched for her, surely he would have found something?

Try typing Elise Sandvik into the search bar of this website to see if anything is uncovered…

Kylan has been put in an impossible situation: one where he must choose between his father or his mother’s version of events. If he was to search for the name, and something came up, wouldn’t he have a difficult decision to make? His father would have to go to jail and his mother would be no better off.

Or perhaps, because of Marta’s erratic behavior both in the present and the past, he doesn’t believe her enough to check.

Either way, the results are heartbreaking for Marta: she makes the decision to remove herself from the equation to make things easier for Kylan. It’s questionable whether she achieves this: surely she would leave him with a lot of grief and regret which it will be difficult for him to understand.


Marta marriage“I understand why Kylan did what he did. He has been my world, and I don’t want to hurt him in any way.”

Click on Marta to learn more about Empty Nest Syndrome.


HECTOR“Of course Kylan searched for the name Marta came up with, and of course he found nothing. Now hopefully Marta will be able to accept the truth of her situation: that she is very ill and needs help.”
Click on Hector to learn more about mental illness.

Do you think Kylan searched for the name? Cast your vote and comment below.


2 thoughts on “Kylan’s Internet Search

  1. How could he have lied to his mother about this? I think he must have checked, but then that means that nothing happened. I really believed something did!

  2. Perhaps he thought that he was acting in Marta’s best interests by lying because he truly believed that Hector’s version of events and therefore was so sure that nothing would come of the internet search that he didn’t do it, but told Marta that he had.

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