Marta’s Past

Delusional or racked with trauma?

“Mum, please,” Kylan says, a tear rolling down his cheek. “Just do what the doctor asks.”READ THE FIRST CHAPTER

Marta has been trying to understand her own past for years. Hector tells her she is only stable if she takes her little pink pills. Marta knows she isn’t herself without them. Kylan remembers her depressions, and how she drove his school friends away. He just wants her to be happy.

So does Hector. But does he want her happy, or sedated? Are Marta’s symptoms due to a long-repressed trauma, or are they a disorder with which she has always struggled, made worse by her parents’ death?

Read more about mental illness in the novel
Find out about Marta’s medication


Marta marriageI’m tired of feeling so blank and empty. And I’m starting to think it’s my pills that have made me that way. I want to know my own past, whatever the consequences…”


HECTOR“I wish you could have seen what Marta was like when I first met her. She told me she’d been struggling with depression her whole life. I helped her, straightened her out. And this is the reward I get…”

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