The Pink Pills

Keeping her stable or messing with her mind?

“I stopped taking my pills because I wanted something to happen…”

Ever since Marta and Hector have known each other, Marta has obediently been taking her pink pills. Hector tells her that it keeps her on an even keel. Without them, she begins to fall apart.

But once Marta stops taking her pills, things start to change. She starts seeing things around the house: clumps of hair in the sink, objects out of their usual places, and a skinny blonde girl who is trying to tell her something.  Marta begins to wonder whether the pills aren’t to make her better, but to stop her from finding out who she really is.

Why now?

Marta has stopped taking her pills because she’s bored. Now that Kylan is gone, there’s less for her to do around the house, and the silence is unnerving. Perhaps, if something does happen, Kylan will have to come back to take care of her.
Is Marta suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome? Read more.


Marta marriage“I’ve been taking these pills as long as I remember. Whenever I’ve come off them, something bad has happened. But who am I, without them? It feels like the right time to find out.”


HECTOR“When Marta first came to stay with me, she was in an absolute state. I took her to our local doctor, who prescribed some medication for her. Since then, she’s been much calmer and more her true self.”

What do the pills do? Mask Marta’s true identity? Or keep her mind balanced? What do you think?

I’d like to know more about mental illness in the novel


3 thoughts on “The Pink Pills

  1. I am aware that these pills are fictional, but what real medications could mask someone’s memory? Is this possible? On the other hand, I think it is worrying that Hector seems to be friends with the doctor and that he seems to be very much in control of gaining the medication and ensuring that Marta takes it. Surely, if this situation was not dubious, Marta would visit the doctor herself.

  2. The doctor wrote on his notepad to check her previous diagnosis and medication. If he was a good doctor, he would search previous medical information to confirm. This would lead to him discovering her issues. Time passed, although we are not told how much, between her first night of being in the institution and the wedding. Now given that it takes a decent amount of time to plan a wedding, the doctor had time to research her dx by the time the wedding occurred. She was still locked up at this point. So I’m thinkling Hector was telling the truth.

  3. Considering the number of treatments (and ranging efficacies) for psychological issues besides simple medication, it seems bizarre that only pills were prescribed without cbt, group or creative therapy; this would have revealed any inconsistencies in marta’s ‘memories’, as well as going some small way to alleviate her ‘boredom’. Given therefore, the unusual treatment of her ‘illness’ I feel inclined to believe Marta over Hector.

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