The Room *Spoiler*

What is real?

*Spoiler Alert*

“I don’t know what you thought you saw under the house,” Hector says, “But I assure you there isn’t anything there now.”


Does the room Marta discovers really exist?

Throughout the novel, as Marta gets flashes of either memory or hallucination, a picture begins to form for us. A room which smells of mildew and is just big enough for a single bed, a toilet and a sink. A place which is painfully familiar. But was it ever really there?


Marta marriage“The things I saw can’t have come out of nowhere…Hector is covering himself. He would rather have me locked away than admit to what he’s done…”
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HECTOR“Oh dear: Marta hasn’t been taking her pills and she’s hallucinating again. Better get her on a stronger batch. Then things will get back to normal. She was like this when I first met her, and she’ll be herself again soon.” Click Hector to find out if Marta is delusional

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3 thoughts on “The Room *Spoiler*

  1. It is so difficult to decide what really happened! It is perfectly plausible to believe Marta or Hector and as a result, the story is not forgotten in a hurry. I thought I had finally decided to side with Marta, but reading the evidence again, I’m not so sure!

  2. This part was so interesting, especially the description of the tightness around her chest from the hospital gown and the pyjamas. Was she actually locked underground, or was she previously in a mental institution and has twisted the experience in her own mind? I also bristled at Hector’s adding the word “now” when referencing the area under the porch. Is it to say there used to be one but he filled it since Marta/Elise left?

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