What People Are Saying

It’s a gripping thriller…

‘A taut thriller’ – The Financial Times

‘Economically written and expertly woven thriller’ – Style ETC magazine

That also asks questions about marriage and a woman’s role…

‘On the surface the book is a highly competent, creepy little chiller, but beneath, like a silent, bolted and half-dark room, there’s a much bigger, equally disconcerting story about the nature of feminine experience.’
Hilary Mantel, double Man Booker Prize Winner of Wolf Hall and Bringing Up The Bodies

‘A ruthless examination of the many layers of marriage, and a woman’s opaque role with it.’
– The Guardian, UK

‘It can be read both as a taut thriller and an allegory of the female experience in an unhappy marriage.’
– Financial Times, UK
Read more about marriage and feminism in the novel

It explores mental illness…

‘Chapman has written Marta’s story with a brilliant twist: it can be read either as a descent into insanity or as the tale of a woman severely psychologically traumatized, whose bizarre thinking and behavior are symptomatic of a post-traumatic disorder.’
– The New York Times
Read more about mental illness in the novel

It draws you in from the beginning…

‘Once you open it, you’ll want to finish it all in one go.’ – Daily Mail

‘I was soon drawn into this story…The text is woven with intrigue’
The Art of Steering blog, Amazon Reviewer

And it’s a fast, compulsive read…

‘Compelling, edgy and dark – I read How To Be a Good Wife in one sitting.’
Jane Rusbridge, author of Rook and The Devil’s Music

‘If it wasn’t for the necessities of sleep and work I would have read it in one sitting.’
Jen Johnson, Amazon Reviewer


That will linger long after you have turned the final page…

‘It’s that amazing, awful kind of book that will stay with you long after you wish it would let you go.’
Liza Klaussmann, bestselling author of Tigers in Red Weather

‘The after-effects of the dark and uncomfortable story linger long after the last page.’
– Psychologies Magazine

It’s claustrophobic and creepy…

‘A tense, unnerving debut, told with precision and control. As unsettling as any ghost story’
Simon Lelic, Author of Rupture and The Child Who

‘An unnerving tale, where nothing is as it seems.’
– Marie Claire, UK


It’s beautifully written…

Mesmerising. A beautiful and disturbing novel. I loved it
Susanna Jones, author of When Nights Were Cold

Beautifully written, and very clever indeed
Elizabeth Haynes, author of Into The Darkest Corner

It demands to be talked about…

It will divide opinion, of that I am sure.
Liz Wilkins, blogger and Amazon Reviewer

As soon as you’ve read it you’ll want to talk about it
Evie Wyld, Author of After the Fire, A Still Small Voice and All The Birds, Singing


What other books has How To Be A Good Wife been compared to?


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