Who Do You Believe?


How To Be A Good Wife is an unnerving, thought-provoking psychological thriller. (Read a synopsis)

It won a RT Reviewer’s Choice Award, was longlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize 2013, is a New York Times Notable Book and an Amazon Editor’s Pick.  It’s also just been chosen as the Target Book Club pick for November. [What else are people saying?]

It asks you to decide whether you believe Hector or Marta, the husband or the wife in the twisty tale.

This interactive website will help you decide.  You can:

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3 thoughts on “Who Do You Believe?

  1. Interesting preliminary insight into mental illness. Website makes me want to read the book all over again!

    • I believe the wife. Hector is an evil. I was expecting a true event to reference. At the end. I thought it was very realistic. She loved her son and didn’t want to embrass him. I was hoping that she was going to Hector’s funeral in the car. Better yet let the mother die too. That would be the Hollywood version. Hope this is one of many more. Please keep writing. I am an old lady and wonder if a young woman would think the same about what was true. It was a Great read!

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